Vote No on Prop 60 this November 8th

Why the California Ballot Measure is Bad for Everyone

The entire porn industry hangs in the balance as California voters get ready to decide on Prop 60, a dangerous ballot initiative that puts porn performers and producers at risk while putting personal freedoms in jeopardy.

Disguised as a public health issue, the campaign is driven by one man’s personal interests and an anti-porn moral agenda. Although partisan disagreement is the norm, Prop 60 is opposed by both the California Democratic Party and the California Republican Party. The Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, San Diego Union-Tribune, Orange County Register, Sacramento Bee, Fresno Bee and Mercury News all oppose Prop 60.

Foxhouse is strongly opposed to Prop 60. We are not California-based, but we will nonetheless be affected in many ways. Companies we work very closely with, like San Francisco’s PinkLabel.TV, who tirelessly supoort us and other emerging indy producers and queer communities, are directly in the line of fire from this campaign. Prop 60 could force adult performers to publicly disclose personal information, including legal names and home addresses, enabling crazed fans to stalk porn stars. The bottom line is that Prop 60 will limit safer sex choices, threaten privacy, and expose performers to harassment. Now is the time to spread the word, reach out to anyone you know might be voting, or if you vote in California, to vote NO!

Here are the fast facts:

Prop 60 is funded entirely by one man, who has spent $ 4.5 million on the ballot measure. If passed, Prop. 60 will give this man the power to sue porn stars.

Prop 60 is opposed by workers, doctors, public health experts, civil rights organizations and dozens of local Democratic and Republican organizations throughout California.

Prop 60 will cost taxpayers millions of dollars – diverting resources from other workplace safety programs and schools.

Prop 60 also gives 38 million Californians the ability to sue porn stars/distributors and to make a profit off each lawsuit.

Prop 60 will weaken workplace safety and violate the privacy of adult film performers, by divulging their legal names and home addresses.

The money spent on enforcing Prop 60 would be better spent on police instead of creating “condom cops” (LA Times Vote NO Editorial (9/22/16)

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