Alyx Fox Featured Filmmaker at 11th Annual Berlin Porn Film Festival

Featured screening presented in person by Foxhouse Films performer and director

BERLIN, Germany — Foxhouse Films founder and director Alyx Fox will present a selection of her films as “Filmmaker in Focus” at the 11th Annual Pornfilmfestival Berlin. The screening will be held at 8 p.m. on Saturday October 29th, 2016 at Kino Moviemento in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Framed by panel discussions, lectures, readings, workshops, exhibitions, performances and parties, the festival, one of the largest film-centered conversations on sexuality worldwide, spans 5 days and screens an average of 100 films.

The Filmmaker in Focus program has honored many of the most risk-taking visionaries in erotic film, and Fox is no exception. Her indy studio Foxhouse Films, since opening just over two years ago, has produced 17 titles. Several of them (Cheat on ChelseaHot For Vicky) topped AEBN trans charts and Whore Hole, featuring straight, cisgender performers, was listed among Hotmovies‘ “Best in Porn” for 2015. Other films, including 3 By Three, a dp threesome where every top takes a turn in the middle, and Fire Escape, a sex scene literally shot on a fire escape, have been noted for artistic quality at festivals internationally including CinekinkMIX NYCPopPorn, the NYC Porn Film Festival, and the Oslo Fusion Film Festival. Remarkably, Fox has created wide artistic and commercial appeal for her films while challenging conventions in her choice of subjects and her treatment of performers. Her respectful inclusion of trans and non-binary performers and her polysexual approach to casting and directing is still the exception in an industry that tends toward rigid categorization in spite of rapidly evolving understanding around sexual and gender identities. Frequently involving off-screen partners and always creating scenes with performer interests in mind, Fox brings an aura of authenticity to Foxhouse productions.

Fox is one of the first transgender women to earn recognition as Filmmaker in Focus and one of the only post-op transsexual women performers in the film industry. Because she is foremost recognized as a female performer and director whose subject matter extends far beyond the trans porn niche, her career has helped to demarginalize and open new opportunities for trans women in film.

Filmmaker in Focus: Alyx Fox includes four aesthetically distinct films demonstrating the breadth of Fox’s pornographic body of work. Silver Star (2014) flips the script on the classic forced bi scenario, showing how straight sex can be just as taboo for many queer people. Femmephilia (2015) glorifies diverse embodiments of femininity. Hole Milk (2015) substitutes milk for bodily fluids in a trans porn wetter, messier, and creamier than any money shot. Keeping with the wet and messy theme, Fox will present Squirt Machine (2016), a film that reshapes the human orgasm with the help of modern technology. The director will be present to introduce the films. Q&A with curators and audience will follow the screenings.

Pornfilmfestival Berlin takes place October 26-30. For more information, visit