Lower East Side Lesbians

Watch the trailer: Starring: Alyx Fox, Simone Luxe, Ramona Glass Running Time: 18 minutes They spent every day together that summer in a cute little studio apartment on the Lower East Side. They were just nice friends…until the night they had that hot threesome! They slipped on pretty lingerie and gloves and took turns getting […]

Charli & Margeaux

Watch the trailer: Starring: Charli Gallo, Margeaux Hext Running Time: 43 minutes Size queen femme daddies in an epic battle for the bottom! These heavily tattooed, switchy off-screen partners like it rough with lots of leather, fisting, squirt, spit and strap ons.

Squirt Machine

Watch the trailer: Starring: Alyx Fox, Suzie Spindrift Running Time: 12 minutes Alyx straps Suzie down and slowly unzips her crotch and her luscious pussy spills out. After quickly priming Suzie’s cunt with her gloved fingers, Alyx puts the fucking machine into high gear. Buckles, straps, rubber and the sound of running motors are followed […]

Hot For Vicky

Watch the trailer: Starring: Saint Roch, Vicky Bride Running Time: 28 minutes As soon as Saint gets Vicky home she pushes her roughly onto the bed. Then she skillfully works Vicky’s ass open with a big buttplug. Saint spanks and flogs Vicky, telling her how she can’t wait to be inside her. After Vicky deepthroats […]

Cuntry Foxes

Watch the trailer: Starring: Ramona Glass, Simone Luxe Running Time: 19 minutes In their very first porn release Simone Luxe and Ramona Glass play two country girls who can’t keep their minds on the job. As it turns out, these innocent looking farm girls are into more than just apples. They also enjoy handcuffs, gags, […]


Watch the trailer: Starring: Alyx Fox, Clementine Kitt, Lucy Goose, Eugene Running Time: 14 minutes Hot femmes come in all shapes and sizes, and Eugene appreciates them all. She kneels at the altar to show devotion to three very different women–seductive Lucy with her lithe body, pale skin and jet black hair, teases the “altar […]

Hole Milk

Watch the trailer: Starring: Alyx Fox, Vicky Bride Running Time: 15 minutes If you’re tired of the same old, same old when it comes to trans porn, you’ll find this wet and messy lesbian anal milk fetish scene very refreshing. First, Vicky Bride laps up all the milk dripping from Alyx’s luscious ass. Then, using […]

Cheat On Chelsea

Watch the trailer: Starring: Alyx Fox, Chelsea Poe, Suzie Spindrift Running Time: 23 minutes When Chelsea comes home and finds Suzie cheating on her with another woman, she is furious, but Alyx and Suzie talk her into getting literally cheated on instead. Bound and gagged, Chelsea watches Alyx fuck Suzie with the biggest strap on […]

Alpha Sub

Watch the trailer: Starring: Gaperiella Holl, Alyx Fox, Suzie Spindrift, Mx Eugene, Blondey Running Time: 40 minutes “The America’s Next Top Model of Queer Porn.” -A satisfied viewer Fluid sexual identities and dynamics abound at the Foxhouse. Mean girls Alyx and Gaperiella put three switchy subs, Eugene, Suzie, and Blondey, through a series of humiliating […]

God Save Queening

Watch the trailer: Starring: Alyx Fox, Suzie Spindrift Running Time: 14 minutes In December 2014, legislation was passed banning various sex acts from pornography produced in the UK. The bans directly target female pleasure. When Alyx and Suzie hear that UK producers have been banned from showing face sitting, squirting, fisting, spanking, and many of […]

Silver Star

Watch the trailer: Starring: Chelsea Poe, Alyx Fox, Gaperiella Holl, Andy Whore-Holl Running Time: 21 minutes On her first visit to Foxhouse, Chelsea Poe plays a gold star lesbian who has never slept with a man before. When Gaperiella Holl and Alyx Fox start telling cock tales over cocktails, Chelsea is shy and uncomfortable. Before […]

Fresh Fox

Watch the trailer: Starring: Alyx Fox, Cara Kimber, Suzie Spindrift Running Time: 27 minutes Newcomers Cara Kimber and Suzie Spindrift want to join Foxhouse, but before they can become true foxes they are in for a challenging (and very fun) hazing experience! The ordeal Alyx creates for them includes humiliation, caning, a buttplug race, bare-handed […]

Fist Service

Watch the trailer: Starring: Alyx Fox, Audrey Fox Running Time: 17 minutes Audrey and Alyx both like getting fisted. They’re also both into power exchange. No problem for these two. Audrey is service oriented and enjoys being told what to do when wearing a collar. So after being fisted and cumming really hard, Audrey follows […]

Whore Hole

Watch the trailer: Starring: Gaperiella Holl, Andy Whore-Holl Running Time: 13 minutes Some people are good for one thing and one thing only: getting fucked! Andy Whore-Holl shows what a good little slut he can be and how far he will go to make Gaperiella happy. Expect heavy degradation and anal destruction from this one. […]

3 By Three

Watch the trailer: Starring: Dwane Reade, Alyx Fox, Audrey Fox Running Time: 13 minutes The original Foxhouse queer strapon dp initiation ritual! Dwane, Alyx, and Audrey all want to try double penetration for the first time. A hot threesome where everyone takes a turn in the middle.

The Cleaner

Watch the trailer: Starring: Audrey Fox, Alyx Fox Running Time: 13 minutes Audrey, the new cleaner, seems more interested in getting attention than doing a good job. Happy for a chance to play the mean boss, Alyx cracks the whip.

Fire Escape

Watch the trailer: Starring: Dwane Reade, Alyx Fox, Gaperiella Holl, Audrey Fox, Monkey Running Time: 12 minutes A BDSM evening at home is interrupted when Gaperiella’s friend Dwane arrives on the scene. When Dwane and Alyx lock eyes, it is lust at first sight. They step out onto the fire escape to fuck in the […]