Our Story

Since our inception in 2014, there is one constant when it comes to Foxhouse and our approach to erotic filmmaking. Our porn always breaks the mold, opens up new possibilities and offers startling representations of sex and sexuality. We never settle for either/or propositions when it comes to porn. We make films with wide appeal that also challenge the status quo of mainstream production and distribution. We are dedicated to the authenticity and intimacy ethics of feminist porn while including performers’ authentic interests in hardcore sex, kink, and bdsm. Sometimes we make films that are sweet, intimate, and not very kinky at all, so if you’re into that, you’ll find some of that too. We are interested in sexual authenticity and intimacy in the broadest sense, based on individuals and dynamics rather than categories. As creators with fluid sexual experiences and interests, this was a natural choice for us, and we hope that it makes sense for a growing number of our viewers too.

When we began, we carefully chose the words polysexual and multigendered to describe our performers as a collective. Over the years this has sometimes been interpreted to mean that our performers are all trans or non-binary, but this is not the case. We chose multigendered because we have always had both cis and trans performers, and a mix of binary and non-binary gender identities. Multigendered encompasses the inclusive atmosphere that we want to create at Foxhouse without claiming to include everyone and everything. Polysexual more than pansexual, we tend to favor some kinds of content over others, and polysexual  honors the fact that our performers’ attractions and interests vary. We don’t expect, require, or want everyone to be attracted to everyone, all the time. Fluidity and inclusion are our key concepts. Our intent has always been to continually diversify our content to constantly expand who we are, and for us that means including straight sex and binary genders in addition to giving queer, trans and non-binary performers roles difficult if not impossible to find elsewhere.

Our treatment and presentation of trans performers has been one of the things that has garnered the most press and public attention, and we are very glad that we are able to be there for that when there is such a lack of material on the subject. We look forward to continuing to be leaders in setting a very high bar for trans representation and inclusion in the industry. We are not a trans site, since that contradicts our goal of expanding opportunities for trans performers to break out of an exploitative, marginalized niche. Instead, we are creating a model of inclusion for trans people in other porn genres and areas of the industry. We will continue to do our best to model optimal representation for all of our performers while aiming for the widest outreach although at times through imperfect channels.

Trans representation is just one way that we’ve been innovators in porn. We love this recent quote from the blog Naughty and Spice about our content: “What you see in a Foxhouse production you most likely won’t see any where else. For instance, have you ever watched a strap-on, double penetration threesome where everyone gets a turn in being on the giving and the receiving end? 3 BY THREE will give you just that. In SILVER STAR the classic forced bisexual scenario gets a different twist as a lesbian woman who has never slept with a man gets forced by two dominant women to explore “straight sex”. The typical ‘coming home to partner cheating’ story gets an extra nasty turn in CHEAT ON CHELSEA: Chelsea gets bound, gagged and is forced to watch her girlfriend being fucked with a huge strap-on.”

Foxhouse has also been an innovator when it comes to alternative models of ethical porn production. Originally we started on a collective model of profit sharing. As the number of titles and performers grew, and foxes came and went, reorganizing was inevitable. Foxhouse continues to utilize collective profit sharing with some production staff and past performers while implementing a standard pay rate for performers in new productions.

The same Foxhouse Films that have been featured for their artistry and innovation at international erotic film festivals have topped sales charts on both mainstream and indie streaming sites. Simply put, we want to turn people on, and change the world. Thanks so much for any and all of your support! And keep it foxy 😉

-Alyx Fox



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